Tuesday, 17 February 2009

reasons for the creation of turtle packs

i love all children. i love teaching them and i also love learning from them.
i have a firm belief that we can all learn to create all we wish to have in our lives and that as adults we have a responsibility to ensure that anything that is claiming to be out there to educate either children or adults is doing it in a conscious manner and ultimately teaching us all how to look after each other and the planet.
i believe that the best learning takes place when a person is interested in the subject matter so there will be a variety of turtle packs that cover the same curriculum level but they will be based in different subject/project areas so that there is a choice of what is studied.
it's important to have a real choice. my aim is to create something that is easily accessible by all and that enables anybody to teach the curriculum material. i also believe that there are many subjects not covered by the national curriculum which are equally important as those that are on there.
everybody can have the confidence to teach - it is part of human nature to learn and to then teach what one has learnt - this is true of even the youngest child who if given the opportunity is very willing teach others something they have learnt.
it is important to learn to be free thinkers. turtle packs will allow people to learn in imaginative ways and they will by their very nature cater to individual needs. turtle packs will allow for investigations and flexibility in teaching methods.

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