Thursday, 12 February 2009

Yippeeeeeee!!!!!! I'm online!!!!!!! :)
For my very first post I'd like to tell you about my concept.
Learning is fun for all people of all ages.
We all love to learn and I enjoy finding ways of teaching adults and children together.
I believe that the best teachers are those who remember that children are here travelling on a journey with us and also have things to teach us adults too.
I also believe that education happens all the time.
I'd like to share teaching ideas.
I'd also like to share knowledge about home education so that parents/guardians can make an informative choice about how best to educate their children.
The concept of turtle packs is to create activities that are portable so that teaching can be made fun and so that learning can happen in all sorts of interesting places.
I'd like to create packs that school teachers will be able to use to increase learning in a variety of environments, and that parents/guardians will be able to use as fun learning activities and as part of a rounded home education curriculum.

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